Tanganera Astoriana Print


The Genesis of the « Tanganera »

The very source of inspiration for Tanganera goes back to when I studied composition at the Geneva Conservatory: a quote in the Casella’s Orchestration Treaty caught my attention : he called the bassoon « nonno », that is « grand-father ». The master, beyond doubt, underestimated the noble instrument. Vivaldi, Mozart, Weber, Stravinsky, among others, proved that, on the opposite, it is incredibly flexible, agile and is capable of expressing deep emotions.

Since I started composing, I felt that there was a lack of « spicy stuff » in the bassoon repertoire and I chose to fill the void with my own personal seasoning through this latino scented musical scherzo, « muy caliente », in an unusual style for this instrument.

I could not have dreamed of a better interpreter for this tasting of exotic sounds than the dedicatee: Catherine Van Handel.

And last but not least, I will say to all ye bassoonists of the Galaxy, as from the days of yore, the farewell to the departing Jedi minstrels: “May the Forte be with you!” -Rui dos Reis, composer

Tanganera Astoriana-BSN/PN
Composer: Rui dos Reis
Publisher: Editions Luso Formosa

For more works by Rui dos Reis, check out his website: https://www.lusoformosa.com

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