Rieger 2 Shape Reed Blank


Professionally designed and hand-processed by Catherine Van Handel insuring a performance quality product. The reed blank is ready for the bassoonist to clip, scrape, and “finish” the reed at delivery.


  • Made out of hand-selected Danzi cane
  • Shaped by hand with a Rieger 2 fold-over shaper
  • Profiled by hand with Catherine Van Handel’s profile dimensions
  • 4 reed wires attached to the reed with the use of 22 gauge brass wire
  • Hand-wrapped in FF nylon thread and melted/sealed with beeswax

Further notes on the Rieger 2 shape: The tube of the cane is slightly narrower than the Fox shapes and has a wider flare out into the tip on the blade. It is the most popular shape used in Germany. The Rieger 2 shape is slightly wider than the Rieger 1A, thus having a “richer” and “warmer” tone with good responsiveness to play in the low register, yet a great sound throughout the tenor register.

All sales are final.

Please allow 10-14 business days for delivery.


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“I can unreservedly recommend Catherine [Van Handel]’s reed blanks to anyone!  They were exceptionally well made, consistent, and helped during a period when I wanted to try many different shapes before buying different shapers.  Each blank was made with meticulous attention to detail in order to ensure the best possible results.  They can be useful to anyone from a student who is first learning how to finish reeds to a professional player looking to supplement their own blanks.  Give them a try!”  

Glenn Einschlag, Principal Bassoon, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra; Faculty Member, Glenn Gould School, Royal Conservatory of Toronto

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