Rieger 2 Gouged Shaped & Profiled Cane


Made from gouged and hand-selected Danzi cane

Shaped by hand with a Rieger 2 fold-over shaper by Catherine Van Handel

Profiled by hand with Catherine Van Handel’s profile dimensions

Sold by bundles of 5 pieces

Further notes on the Rieger 2 shape: The tube of the cane is slightly narrower than the Fox shapes and has a wider flare out into the tip on the blade.  It is the most popular shape used in Germany. The Rieger 2 shape is slightly wider than the Rieger 1A, thus having a “richer” and “warmer” tone with good responsiveness to play in the low register, yet a great sound throughout the tenor register. 

All sales are final.

Please allow 10-14 business days for delivery.


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