Herzberg Gouged Shaped & Profiled Cane


Made from gouged and hand-selected Danzi cane

Shaped by hand with a Herzberg straight shaper by Catherine Van Handel

Profiled by hand off of Catherine Van Handel’s profile dimensions

Sold by bundles of 5 pieces

Further Notes on the Herzberg Shape: Developed by famed pedagogue and reed-maker, Norman Herzberg, while he was teaching at the University of Southern California, this shape is widely used by professionals across the country.  With a slightly narrow blade and flared tube made especially for beveling, Herzberg reeds are structurally some of the strongest available.  They are favored by many orchestral bassoonists for their centered tone and ability to project to the back of a hall.

All sales are final.

Please allow 10-14 business days for delivery.

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